Your Equine Facility  of Choice 

Horse Boarding Beyond Compare 

Your search for the perfect equestrian center ends with Plimsoll Downs. We offer horse boarding services a cut above the rest.  Discover what sets us apart from other equine facilities in Deltona, Florida and get in touch with us to learn more about our services.

“The quality, security, attention to detail, and cleanliness is phenomenal.  The environment supports our horse and rider relationship positively at every level.” …George G.

Every horse deserves a space to grow comfortably and freely.  Plimsoll Downs offers just that with horse boarding services delivered in a secure environment that values the comfort of each boarder. When you choose us, you choose a conveniently located facility with a modern design and a caring team. 

“This facility is like a breath of fresh air!  The no drama, professional, consistent, and compassionate care our horse receives on a 24 hour basis is without compare.” …Louise B.

A Facility for Comfort and Security

Our facility is located in a gated community and contains 15 state-of-the-art horse stalls, jumping and dressage areas, and an open area for casual riding.  The facility itself has its own gated entrance.

The stables contain an automatic fly control system and an airconditioned tack room. We keep it airy during hot summer days and closed up during windy winter evenings. In the daytime, horses are turned out in spacious paddocks.  At night, they are kept in beautifully designed aluminum and wood stalls.  Each stall has its own fan, lighting, and automatic water feeders.

Our facility has 100% backup electrical generation with lightning rods installed on the stable building.  Security cameras are also installed throughout the facility.  Horse blanket and sheet hooks on pulleys are provided for each stall.

A Team Dedicated to Top-Notch Care

We have a full-time resident facilities manager responsible for the safety of our boarders and the security and maintenance of our facility. Personal trainers for our boarders are also welcome to use our facility.
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